All parents and teachers are members of the Parent  - Teachers- Association. The aims of the association are:-

1 . To co-operate with the management and the for  bringing forth a good formation in the students.

2 . To participate actively in the co-curricular and the extra curricular activities taking place in the school and its premises.

3 . To promote the discipline in the school campus.

4. To foster unity and fraternity among the parents, managements and the staff.

5 . To give creative suggestions and necessary corrections when is needed and encourage the management and the staff to have excellent outlook, perfect teaching, creative learning and above all excellent results.

6.To understand the problem of the pupils and teachers and help to find solutions.

7. To be in close touch with the programmes, discipline, health, physical education, obedience to teachers, regularity in doing home work etc.

8. To arrange for meetings, Seminars and cultural programmes, for improving the relationship between parents, pupils and teachers.


Visiting Hours for Parents
The Principal & teachers will meet parents between 3.30 pm to4.30 pm on all Wednesdays. The school would like parents to maintain a close rapport with the School. Parents are advised to avail of this platform and keep in regular with the School. 

However, Parents are not permitted to visit their children or teachers during the teaching hours. 

The School Dairy
Students are provided with a Comprehensive Students Diary to be referred and updated by students, parents and teachers on a daily basis. Student Diary is a vital communication link between Teachers, students and Parents as well as daily update on student education process. 

The school has a website 

Regular attendance is a must for every student. Students and parents should follow the rules for leave of the school as mentioned in the Student Diary. No student who has less than 80% attendance to his/her credit in a particular academic year shall be considered for promotion.

School Uniform
School Uniform is compulsory for all the students.
Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in the matter and see that their children are always neat and tidy, wearing uniforms which are clean and in accordance with the school pattern. Shoes should be polished. During rainy days students can use rainy wear. Parents must ensure that their child wears necessary undergarments like vests and briefs, petticoats etc. From 4th onwards girls should wear tights compulsorily. 
Boys must cut their hair short and girls must tie their hair neatly 

Boys: LKG to STD II
Shirt: Light blue stripes with half sleeves and one pocket. 
Shorts: Grey blue with two pleats in the front and side pockets 
Boys: STD III to X 
Shirt: Light blue  stripes with half sleeves and one pocket.
Pants: Grey  blue with two pleats in the front and side pockets.

Girls: LKG to STD II
Grey blue Pinafore  
Light Blue stripes  shirt with half sleeves.

Girls:STD III to X
Shirt: Light blue stripes with half sleeves & Coat
Pants : Grey blue .
Ribbon: White colored ribbons & White hair band for girls

Foot Wear: Boys: Black Plain laced leather shoes with navy blue striped socks.
Girls: Black plain buckled shoes with navy blue striped socks.

Special Uniform
School has introduced Special Uniform - T-shirts (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow linked to colour of the School House) and Track Suiting  with pipings of the same as that of T Shirt for all students. Special Uniform is to use special uniform on all Wednesdays and on specific days (to be informed).