Unique Features


Intractive English Programmes

We offer an innovative programme to master English Language and Literature through the Interactive English Programmes. It helps the students to be more fluent and original in the use of English language. It offers chances to develop their speaking skills, interactive skills and thus maintain a better learning atmosphere in the school campus.

 Value Education

In order to inculcate values among students we offer value education programme in our institution. It helps the students to be highly motivated and morally up right citizens.

 Co- Curricular Activites

To develop the varied interests and different talents of the students we offer ample opportunities through several co- curricular activities like vocal music, karate, instrumental music like jas, violin, keyboard and guitar; classical dance and folk dance painting, drawing, work experience and yoga.

 Sports And Games

Good body forms good mind. We provide various sports and games for our children. Our school is equipped with a recreation room for indoor and outdoor games.

 House System

To develop healthy competition among the students we organize house system in our institution .Our students are divided into four groups; red, green, blue and orange.